Water treatment station

Water treatment station

The water treatment station CB-10 is designed for preparation of potable water of high quality aboard a ship. The water is obtained from distillate by way of its enrichment with hardening salts while filtering through natural materials (dolomite and gypsum). After that the product is sorbitized through activated carbon, then subjected to mechanical cleaning and decontamination with UV-rays.

Benefits of the station:

  • low power consumption and operation expenses;
  • compact construction due to utilization;
  • application of corrosion-resistant materials and high-quality completing items of the Russian make;
  • possibility of repeated decontamination of potable water obtained in case of its long-term storage;
  • no expenses in connection with purchase of salts for distillate mineralization;
  • continuous watch-free operation in automatic mode.

Technical solution has the certificate for useful model.

Basic technical data
Capacity, m³/day (l/h), not more 10 (420)
Distillate pressure ahead of the station, MPa from 0.12 to 0.4
Hydraulic resistance, MPa, not more 0,015
Water quality indices at the station outlet:
- total salt content (solid residual), mg/l, not less 50
- pH from 6.5 to 8.5
- general coliforming bacteria, pc/100 ml no
- total bacterial count, colony/1 ml, not more 50
- odour index, not more 2
Voltage, V 220 ± 11
Frequency, Hz 50 ± 2,5
Power consumption, W, not more 50
Mass, kg, not more:
- dry condition 650
- working condition 700
Overall dimensions 1450×610×700

Supervision, starting and adjusting works, training of attending personnel, provision with expendables, routine maintenance are performed under separate contracts.