Seawater filtration unit СООБ-Ф 250

Seawater filtration unit СООБ-Ф 250
Seawater filtration unit СООБ-Ф 250

Seawater filtration unit СООБ-Ф 250 is designed for application in ship systems where seawater is used for operation of production equipment or waste equipment with specified requirements for impurities content.

Principle of operation:

Mechanical filtration through V-shaped cylindrical slot arrays provides smooth surface of the front side and not contaminated the other side of surface of filter elements.

Seawater filtration unit СООБ-Ф 250 is equipped with electronic control panel which provides automatic start, flush and operating parameters control.

Under order of the designers of the Central Design Bureau there can be manufactured unit’s analogues of any capacity.

Basic technical data
Filter number 2
Filtration efficiency, µm, not more 50
Capacity, m³/h, not less 250
Maximum working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm²) 0,6 (6)
Inlet starting water temperature, ºС from 1 to 35
Total salinity of inlet starting water, g/l from 1 to 41
Hydraulic resistance at rated capacity, MPa (kgf/cm²), not more
- when clean filters are used 0,04 (0,4)
- when clogged filters are used 0,1 (1)
Time of filter flush, min, not more 6
Average filter cycle time*, h 11
Parameters of electric energy input: 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW, not more 2
Main construction materials: corrosion-resistant steel 10X17H13M2T
Mass, kg 650
Overall dimensions, mm 1150 × 1050 × 1610
Nominal diameters of seawater inlet and outlet pipes, mm 200

Note: * - is calculated when mechanical impurities in starting water are not more than 10 mg/l

Seawater filtration unit СООБ-Ф 250 is approved by the State Russian Register of Shipping.