Germicidal apparatus of UV-radiation

Germicidal apparatus of UV-radiation
Germicidal apparatus of UV-radiation
Germicidal apparatus of UV-radiation

Germicidal apparatus are designed for decontamination of fresh water in domestic water supply systems aboard naval and merchant ships. Apparatus also can find application in public utilities, food industry, clinics and children welfare institutions. Decontamination is based on germicidal ability of ultraviolet radiation.

Apparatus БАКТ-ЗС and БАКТ-10С consist of irradiation chamber made of corrosion-resistant steel and control board with electric cables. Apparatus БАКТ-2М and БАКТ-1М are also equipped with a fine filter of mechanical cleaning the water to be treated.


  • immediate water decontamination effect;
  • no chemicals required;
  • water taste and colour impaired;
  • simple and safe in operation, watch servicing not required;
  • automatic control of germicidal lamp operation time;
  • light signaling (remote signaling possible);
  • decontaminated water quality satisfies the Sanitary Code

Basic technical data
Capacity, m³/h, not more 3 10 1 2
Working pressure, MPa, not more 0,6
Pressure loss in irradiation chamber, MPa, not more 0,02 0,06 0,02 0,06
Coliform index of starting water, not more 1000
Coliform index of decontaminated water, not more 3
Power supply: a. c., 1-phase
- voltage, V 220
- frequency, Hz 50
Filtration efficiency of starting water, μm no 5
Power consumption, W, not more 100 300 50
Operation time of germicidal lamp, h 7500 3500
Mass of apparatus with control board, kg, not more 21 56 18 54,6
Overall dimensions, mm:
- irradiation chamber 160×154×1120 700×170×1120 250×158×725 455×220×725
- control board 200×155×355 410×250×355 200×152×205 300×245×380