Coarse filter unit of sea water

Coarse filter unit of sea water
Coarse filter unit of sea water

The filters unit is developed by close JSC "Central Research Institute of Marine Engineering" and manufactured by JSC "Proletarsky Zavod" for the stationary ice-reinforced platform "Prirazlomnaya", which is being built at JSC "PO Sevmash" for oil-drilling on the Russian Arctic shelf. The filter unit serves for removal of suspended solid and organic particles from sea water supplied to the platform users.

The filters unit is equipped with automatic control system, which provides automatic operation, protection and signalling on each filter condition as well as emergency switching to reserve filter, if malfunction occurs.

The filter unit consists of two independent lines, no. 1 and no. 2, mounted on the common frame and common for the lines auxiliary equipment mounted on the same frame. Line no. 1 supplies technological users with purified water, line no. 2 serves for production purposes. Main construction material – titanium alloys.

Basic technical data
Capacity in purified water:
- line no. 1, m³/h 3100
- line no. 2, m³/h 10000
Filtration efficiency (98% particles), µm 80
Mass, kg, not more than:
- in dry condition 20700
- in working condition 43500
Overall dimensions, mm 10400×4400×2950

As for novelty of technical solutions used, the filter unit has no analogue in the world practice. Comparative analysis has shown that the prototype filter unit offers many advantages in the line of water purification efficiency, overall dimensions, mass, specific power consumption, materials used, operating time, etc.

The filter unit is protected by the RF patent no. 48513 of 20 December, 2004.

On the basis of technical solutions used, filters of any specified capacity (from 100 m³/h) can be manufactured with filtration efficiency reduced to 20 μm.