Reverse-osmosis desalination plant of ПРО-24 type

Desalination plant of ПРО-24 type

Reverse-osmosis desalination plant of ПРО-24 type is designed for production of potable water from sea water aboard ships and at shore objects. Desalination is based on the reverse osmosis principle that is forcing salt water under high pressure through semipermeable membrane. In the plants, the use is made of membrane elements TriSep manufactured as spirally-wound roll module in casing of high-strength plastic.

The plant component parts:

  • blanket filters for preliminary cleaning of starting water (outside the plant) – 2 pc.;
  • system of chemical treatment of starting water, which consists of reagent tank and metering pump;
  • filter of final cleaning of sea water;
  • UV-apparatus for decontamination of starting water;
  • high-pressure pump;
  • reverse-osmosis elements;
  • system of elements flushing;
  • control board and measuring instruments;
  • рН-correction filter.

Merits of plant:

  • low specific power consumption;
  • compact design;
  • product water is suitable for drinking without additional treatment;
  • automatized operation.

The plant design principle satisfies the Rules of the Russian Register of Shipping. Units and structural materials have permission for usage in drinking water supply systems.

Basic technical data
Capacity at specified conditions, m³/day 24
Desalted water quality indices Acc. to Sanitary Rules
Sea water flow rate, m³/h, not more 6
Necessary pressure of starting water, kgf/сm² 2
Consumption of sodium hypochlorite, 15 %, kg/day, not more 4
Installed mains power 3х380 V, kW 12
Working pressure, kgf/сm² from 45 to 65
Dry mass of equipment, kg 850
Overall dimensions, LxBxH, mm 1700х1000х1900

Offered at customer`s request:

  • Storage tank for desalted water with metering pump and indicators of upper and lower level for automatic starting-stopping plant.
  • Water-intake device with screen prefilter.
  • Plant for production of sodium hypochlorite from sea water.
  • Germicidal apparatus for water decontamination at consumption facilities.