Electrohydraulic steering gears of РМ type

Electrohydraulic steering gears of РМ type

Steering gears are designed for operation and installation in single- and double rudders gears aboard ships of various purposes. In double rudders gears, synchronous rudders shifting is provided by the upper level system.

Steering gears satisfy requirements of Russian and foreign classification societies.

Electrohydraulic steering gears РМ160-2, РМ250-2 and РМ400-2 of standard size PM have similar design scheme:

  • Four-cylinder, power drive of ram-link-motion type with manual or automatic actuation of four cylinders (main operation mode) or two cylinders (separate hydraulic systems) with other two cylinders with a damaged pipeline being disconnected;
  • Three motor-driven pump units – two main units and one stand-by; main pump units can be installed on the power drive or separately; the stand-by unit is installed separately from the power drive;
  • Auxiliary hydraulic equipment;
  • Start-protecting and signalling electric equipment connected to ship’s mains, 3-phase a.c., 50 Hz, 380 V;
  • Local control system with indication of the steering gear parameters or control system of "Corrax" type.

Local control system is adapted to any digital system of upper level providing remote operation mode with such control types as "Automat", "Follow-up", "Non-follow-up".

Local operation mode includes such control types as "Follow-up" and "Non-follow-up".

Basic technical data
Parameter Standard size
РМ 160-2 РМ 250-2 РМ 400-2
Rated torque at rudder stock with rudder shifted to rated angle 35° on either side, kN•m 160 250 400
Time of rudder shifting from 35° on one side to 30° on the other side with loading as per it.1, s, not more:
- one pump unit in operation 28
- two main pump units operate simultaneously 15
Rating of electric motor of the pump unit, kW 7,5 11 18
Mass of steering gear as delivered, kg 5000±250 6000±300 9000±400
Tiller bore in the way of rudder stock, mm:
- cylindrical opening - 250; 310 -
- tapered opening (К=1:15, dia of taper base) 235 - 350
Overall dimensions of power drive (without pump units), mm, L×B×H 2420×1500×550 2880×1900×760 3400×2160×800
Overall dimensions of pump unit, mm, La×Ba×Ha 1675×648×720 1710×760×800 1840×740×895