Electrohydraulic steering gears of РГПМ type

Electrohydraulic steering gears of РГПМ type
Electrohydraulic steering gears of РГПМ type

Electrohydraulic steering gears of standard size РГПМ satisfy requirements of Russian and foreign classification societies. These steering gears are designed for installation aboard small crafts of various classes and purposes.

The power drive of these gears is a common part of two autonomous steering gears:

  • main steering gear with motor-driven pump unit and joystick-manipulator, start-protecting and signaling electric equipment connected to ship mains, 3-phase a.c., 50 Hz, 380 V and d.c., 24 V;
  • auxiliary steering gear with pump unit, where operator’s force at the handwheel is transformed in hydraulic energy.

Non-following control mode – from a wheel house or from joystick-manipulator or from handwheel without changing-over in hydraulic system. Rudder angles control is provided by selsyn indicator system “transmitter-receiver” connected to ship’s mains, 1-phase a.c., 50 Hz, 127 V.

Service life of steering gears of РГПМ type is not less than 20 years.

High operation reliability of these gears is ensured by supplier in designing and manufacturing processes, which also includes special technological equipment and test stands.

By the customer’s order, the supplier provides starting and adjusting works, personnel training as well as after-sale servicing of steering gears during operation and supply of necessary spare parts.

Basic technical data
Parameter Standard size
Main steering gear:
- rated torque at rudder stock at rudder shifting to rated angle 35° on either side, kN•m 1,6/2,5 4 6,3 10/16
- time of rudder shifting from 35° on one side to 30° on other side with loading as per it.1.1, s, not more 28
- rating of the pump unit motor, kW 0,37 0,55 0,75 1,1/1,5
- overall dimensions of pump unit, mm, La× Ba× Ha 470×470×525 660×505×675
Auxiliary steering gear:
- force at handwheel at rudder shifting to rated angle 15° on either side, N, not more 160
- time of rudder shifting from side to side at loading as per it.2.1, s, not more 60
Size of tapered bore in tiller, mm:
- diameter, Dp 70/80 90 100 115/140
- height, Hp 90/104 116 128 148/180
Overall dimensions of power drive, mm, L×B×H 890×470×525 965×470×525 1030×500×525 1180×510×675
Mass of steering gear, kg, not more 260 265 290 370/390