Electrohydraulic steering gears of РГМ type

Electrohydraulic steering gears of РГМ type
Electrohydraulic steering gears of РГМ type

Electrohydraulic steering gears of РГМ type meet requirements of Russian and foreign classification societies and are designed for installation on ships of various classes and purposes.

In steering gears of РГМ type a control-wheel force generated by a man converts it into hydraulic energy that further in power drive converts into torque at rudder stock.

A hydraulic piston cylinder with a tail rod and a turnable support as well as with a tiller with a sectional nave are used in the power drive.

Control mode - "Non-follow-up" from the wheel house from hand wheel of control desk. Rudder-shifting angle control is provided by synchro direct transmission system "transmitter-receiver" connected to a 50 Hz, 127 V ship’s three-phase current mains.

Steering gears service life is not less than 20 years.

Supplier provides high service reliability when engineering and manufacturing of both of this type steering gears themselves and of special production equipment including test beds.

At Customer’s request, Supplier provides starting and adjusting works, attending personnel training as well as the delivery of necessary spare parts and these steering gears maintenance while in operation.

Basic technical data
Parameter Type of steering gear
РГМ 0,1 РГМ 0,16
Rated torque at rudder stock as per datas specified in items 2 and 3, kN•m 0,4 0,63 1 1,6
Rated pressure of working fluid in power drive cylinder, MPa 1,6 2,5 4 4
Rated rudder angle ±35°
Time of shifting rudder from 35º on one side to 30º on other side at load as per item 1, s, not more 28
Steering gear mass, kg, not more 88 89 90 110
Diameter of cylindrical tiller bore to receive rudder stock, DБ, mm 40 50 60 70
Diameter of steering wheel, DШ, mm 400 400 500 600
Overall dimensions of power drive, mm
- L 1160 1485
- B 380 480
- H 370