Electrohydraulic steering gear of Р-26М1 type

Steering gear of Р-26М1 type is designed for installation and operation aboard ships of various purposes. Steering gear Р-26М1 meets requirements of Russian and foreign classification societies.

Type of steering gear – electrohydraulic, four-cylinder, ram with two motor-driven oil pumps of variable capacity, with electric control system of “Corrax” type or import control systems, which provide remote control from external stations and manual emergency (local) control at the pump, with a standby pump unit or without the latter.

Pumps: main and standby of axial-piston type, variable capacity.

Working fluid – oils: АУП, А, Т46; ПГВ fluid.

Steering gear Р-26М1 operates reliably under the following conditions:

  • rolling angle up to 45°, trim up to 10°;
  • ambient temperatures from plus 5 up to plus 45 °С at relative humidity of 98%.

Service life of steering gear until yard repair 10…12 years, operation time is not less than 50000…60000 hours.

Total service life is not less than 25 years and full operation time is 100000…120000 hours.

Basic technical data
Rated torque at rudder stock at rudder shifting to 35° of either side and working pressure in cylinders 16 МPа 160 kgf/сm²), кN•m (tf•m) 3920 (400)
Time of rudder shifting from 35 on one side to 30 on the other side, s, not more:
- with one pump unit in operation 28
- with two pump units in operation 14
Pressure of safety valves setting in cylinders and main pumps, МPа (kgf/сm²)
Installed capacity of electric motor of main pump units, kW 2×132
Tiller bore under rudder stock, mm 750
Mass of steering gear, kg, not more:
- without standby pump unit 56000
- with standby pump unit 57000
Overall dimensions, L×B×H, mm 6620×4505×1300