Stabilizers with active non-retractable fins

Stabilizers with active non-retractable fins

The stabilizers are designed for roll reduction, when ship is going ahead. The stabilizers make better mechanisms, devices and other equipment operation conditions, increase efficiency of special devices as well as livability for a crew.

The stabilizers can be installed aboard ocean-going ships of various purposes.

The stabilizers ensure the specified efficiency of roll reduction within the range of ahead speeds from 5 to 32 knots.

The stabilizer operates automatically in a watch-free space, requiring only periodic inspection and lubrication of friction units.

The stabilizer controlled remotely from an external post has the following component parts:

  • working parts – active non-retractable fins, on the blades of which is generated hydrodynamic lifting force transmitted to the ship’s hull through the stabilizer supporting structure;
  • electrohydraulic fin-tilting gears (mechanisms of power drives) including tilting actuators mounted on fins supports, main and auxiliary pump units with start-protecting and signalling electric equipment connected to the ship’s mains, 3-phase a.c., 380 V, 50 Hz;
  • control system automatically generating the control algorithm, so that hydrodynamic lifting forces generated at fins create restoring moment which is directed against rolling moment caused by external forces at any instant of time. Up-to-date automatic digital control system of "Dolomit" type allows to change the control algorithms flexibly increasing efficiency of the stabilizer operation at all ship speeds and variable ambient conditions.

Basic technical data
Parameter Stabilizer type
УК-3 УК-4,5 УК-6 УК-6-1
Area of fin blade, m² (L×B) 3 (2×1,5) 4,56 (2,4×1,9) 6 (3×2) 6,25 (2,5×2,5)
Max. rated torque at the fin tilting shaft, kN•m (tf•m):
- at fin tilting 25 (2,5) 45 (4,5) 80 (8) 100 (10)
- at holding the untitled fin 30 (3) 56 (5,6) 110 (11) 120 (12)
Max. working pressure in cylinders, MPa (kgf/cm²) 12,5 (125) 15,5 (155) 14 (140) 15 (150)
Max. fin tilting angle 30°
Max. rate of fin tilting, deg/s 40 35
Rating of electric motors for power drives mechanisms, kW, not more 34 43 110 113
Mass of stabilizer, kg:
- total 9000 13500 22500 23100
- fin 6350 7800 16200 15000
- power drives mechanisms 2300 5700 5900 7830
- control system 350 200 475 200