Electrohydraulic mechanisms КЭГМ

Electrohydraulic mechanisms КЭГМ

The set of electrohydraulic mechanisms includes pump unit, two pulling winches and two hydraulic units with directional control valves, working fluid tank and hydraulic cylinders.

The set is designed for transporting a shipborne helicopter from a flying off-landing deck into a hangar and backwards. The set provides tension in hauling and retension ropes not less than three tons irrespective of movement direction at list up to 12.5º and trim up to 4º.

The hangar doors are opened and closed with the help of hydraulic cylinders.

Основные технические данные
Pull of each winch, kN, not less 30
Speed of helicopter transporting, m/s:
- low 0,17…0,2
- maximum 0,37…0,4
Time of opening one leaf of hangar doors, s, not more 40
Time of closing one leaf of hangar doors, s, not more 30

The control by a helicopter transporting is provided both from the hangar control desk and from the portable control desk.