Motorized unit for repair of railway contact-wire system

Motorized unit for repair of railway contact-wire system

Under order of close JSC “UCS” and Oktyabrskaya Railway in close JSC “Central Research Institute of Marine Engineering” and JSC "Proletarsky Zavod" were performed works on design of motorized unit for mounting and repair of railway electrification contact-wire system.

In 1996 in Proletarsky Zavod was manufactured and passed all comprehensive tests the first prototype of the motorized unit and from 1997 it has been going into production.

The motorized unit as a component of repair train or another technical equipment that provides mounting of wires is designed for:

  • mounting of carrier cable and two conduct wires with correct tension and mounting of cantilever;
  • dismounting of carrier cable and two conduct wires (winding on drum) and dismounting of cantilever.

The motorized unit consists of two automobile tower wagons with hydraulic mechanisms system on their upper floor covering.

Under platform floor covering are mounted three direct current diesel-generators providing platforms movement and three pumps operation on feeding hydraulic mechanisms drives with working fluid, and one direct current diesel-generator for feeding control system, lighting system, supply system of tools and mechanisms used at wire stretching.

The mechanisms system has the following components:

  • three supply blocks for paying out carrier cable and two contact wires;
  • ramp for hoisting wires to a specified height and their crinkle wiring;
  • hoisting crane;
  • manipulator and auxiliary winch.

The motorized unit can be supplied with hydraulic mechanisms system on the floor covering of unpowered loading platform providing platform’s movement and feeding to pumps from traction module.

Using the motorized unit when overhead line working provides a threefold-fourfold increase in productivity and reduces considerably time of occupations during wire netting repair.

After contact-wire system repair by means of the motorized unit for mounting and repairing the railway electrification contact-wire system no auxiliary height adjustment of contact-wire system and supporting wires is required; train movements at maximum speed are allowed.

Simultaneous mounting of three wires with a specified tension is used first in Europe.

Basic technical data
Working speed of movement, km/h 6
Tension of carrier cable and conduct wires, kN, max 25
Hoisting height of carrier cable, m, max 9,5
Hoisting height of conduct wires, m, max 7
Cable and wires deflection from track center when crinkle wiring, mm 600