Mine rig ПБСА-300

Mine rig ПБСА-300
Mine rig ПБСА-300

Mine rig ПБСА-300 is designed for drilling of deep long, horizontal and rising holes in underground workings and mines.

Construction version – explosion-proof.

The plant consists of two modules:

  • drilling rig;
  • pump station.

The modules are mounted on special trolleys at a safe distance from each other and connected to each other by flexible high-pressure hoses.

The plant can be used for surface drilling and relief well drilling in beds of mines of various purposes.

Basic technical data
Drive electrohydraulic
Drilling depth, m, max 300
Drilling diameter, mm, max 200
Driving stem diameter, mm 73
Weight capacity, kgf, max 6000
Drilling tool rotation speed, rpm, max:
- in first gear 100
- in second gear 150
Drilling tool torque, kgf•m, max:
- in first gear 150
- in second gear 100
Hoisting speed of drilling tool, m/s, max 0,34
Pull of the winch, kN (kgf) 3000
Plant rotation angles about:
- vertical axis 360
- horizontal axis 120
Power consumption, kW 22,5
Mass, kg:
- of drilling rig 1860
- of pump station 780
Overall dimensions, mm:
- of drilling rig 1740×840×2750
- of pump station 1750×900×1185