General information

Central Research institute of Marine Engineering named as Central research institute (CRI) Compass was founded in 1970 by the order Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry dated on 22 July, 1970 on the basis of Proletarsky zavod design bureau where experimental manufacturing laboratory, branch of central design bureau in Sevastopol and industrial production engineering office ОТБ-З were included.

Research and development group of marine engineering R&DE Compass with parent company CRI Compass was established on the basis of CRI Compass and Proletarsky zavod.

After a succession of reorganizations JSC of close type "Central Research Institute of Marine Engineering" was founded in 1996 by the order of Saint-Petersburg administration of Nevsky district No 1722P dated 16 July 1996.

Now close-type JSC "Central Research Institute of Marine Engineering" (TsNII SM) is a leading R&D design enterprise in Russia engaged in development of ship machines and mechanisms for naval and marine application by Russian fleets and worldwide.

The field of institute activities includes research and development works, author’s supervision and participation in manufacture and testing of preproduction prototypes, production of serial ship machines for example:

  • steering gears;
  • arresting gears of take-off and landing systems on aircraft carriers;
  • deck gears (anchor-warping and mooring capstans and winches of various purposes);
  • ship cranes with load capacity up to 80 t;
  • manipulating devices for underwater operations;
  • dry and liquid cargo transfer at- sea gears;
  • a range of axial-piston hydraulic motors and high-pressure pumps;
  • water treatment equipment;
  • articles of hydraulic system and etc.

We are willing to prepare scientific personnel and specialists in our Central research institute. For this purpose an affiliate of marine engineering technology department in the State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg was established on the basis of Proletarsky zavod and close type JSC CRI Marine Engineering.

There are a few doctors of engineering science, 10 candidates of engineering science, 6 honored mechanic engineers of Russian Federation, 3 honored designers of Russian Federation, 2 honorable shipbuilders, 2 honored inventors of Russian Federation, engineers and designers awarded by orders and medals among highly-qualified specialists working at CRI of Marine Engineering.

Development works over transfer-at-sea gears and manipulating devices were appreciated and awarded by the State Prizes of the USSR and the Russian Federation.

TsNII SM has the license of the Russian Federal Industry Agency on development of military and defense equipment as well as certificates of conformity to standard requirements of quality management system issued by the Association for certification "Russian Register of Shipping".

Equipment developed by our specialists is manufactured both by Russian and plants but the principal manufacturer is "Proletarsky Zavod".

Production articles presented at Russian and international exhibitions by CRI of Marine Engineering and Proletarsky zavod evoke permanent keen interest among attendants.